Tween in style styling blog for tween girls

Welcome to a great new adventure we are going to enjoy together!

A new Tween Girls Fashion Blog! YAY!

We have had so much fun lately; fun, Starbucks, flights, markets, talking to great designers, digging deep into middle school and junior high school girls habits, lives, moves and last, but not least finding the most trendy and upcoming hot fashion for tween girls! We are so excited to launch this adventure together with you and we assure you; it’s going to be fun, funky and a new tween girls fashion blog with good vibes. We will need all the help we can get, from Moms, Dads and from you! Are you familiar with a sort of drama that’s called “I have nothing to wear”, “all my clothes are childish”, “You cannot wear that outfit”, “that looks like a ….”. Yeah? So what do you wear to feel awesome, to please your friends, the school rules and YOUR PARENTS? Well, you don’t always have to please all at the same time, but maybe an idea is to make them all worry less: maybe you could get inspired with some hands on styling tips or some looks of the day. The most important is to look good and trendy.   So what we would say to you every day would be these words:

stand out, yet fit in!

  Be yourself, be confident and be a

Tween in style!