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Hello Tween Style Fashionistas and parents! Thanks for checking in to Tween in style blog and web shop. We are all about tween fashion for girls 8-14 years old how we can be a Tween in Style.

If you found your way in here, you are as wild about fashion, trends, colors, prints and everything truly beautiful just like us.

This styling blog and online shop is dedicated to girls in an age where they need guidance from people who care for their choices and who cares for the future, like their parents. Sometimes it is hard for parents to get their advice through. Sometimes it ends in parents wanting to dictate what is ok to wear and, a daughter that protest in frustration.

Everyday she sees those awesome, hot outfits through Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr and she wants to wear it as well. So many temptations and so many restrictions! That’s a pre-teen girl’s life.

“No fair! Parents are just too strict and don’t understand anything!”

For you as a parent, this introduces one more battle to choose from, right?


Style Guiding:

Well, that’s why we are here. To find the most trendsetter fashion out there. As well as the best brands and the hottest fashions! Our purpose is to guide all aspiring fashionistas in the hope that they find their own style. Not to mention how to style the dress, new tops, different jeans and boots in a classy but also chic, vintage or sporty way. All at the same time as being able to mix it in an age appropriate manner. We don’t preach or teach. On the contrary we guide and listen! 

  • Yes, there are rules and there are exceptions as well; that’s how life is, right?
  • Do you think we are located in New York City. Actually our headquarter is located in Texas. The world is our playground and yes, you guessed it right: we love traveling! Our destinations are London, Paris, Rome, Milano, Tokyo, Casablanca and here and there. Where there is beauty and kindness we will for sure go! 
  • Discover new ideas and styling opportunities of Tween girls clothes through our Multi brand online store and styling tip blog.



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