Scotch R’Belle

We would agree with Scotch & Soda and let their clothes do the talking. We just think it is fair to do some story telling about Scotch R’Belle, their clothing line for young girls. This Amsterdam fashion house is always surprising us with their Scotch R’Belle collection of well designed, trendy and quality fashion pieces for tween girls age 8-14 years. Now you can find a great selection of tween girls choice at Tween in style. 

Here is our newest adopted line and we think you will be loving it! 


Check out this cool video from some collections ago:


We have been very eager to show you our new “adopted” line for a while now. We are so pleased to finally be able to present our carefully chosen pieces from this new Scotch R’Belle collection for Fall Winter 2017 2018! This new collection will certainly hit right into the desirable trends for a tween girl while pleasing parents with good quality and appropriate designs! Scotch R’Belle stands for individuality and uniqueness with their classic, sporty and trendy clothing.   

You are for sure the kind of girl who like fashion trends and get inspired by social media and your friends. Your friends are your influencers right now. You follow some cool people on Instagram and YouTube. but it’s your friends cool outfit that inspires you the most! You like to find new fashion pieces by yourself that nobody else has, but you don’t want to show up at school looking totally OFF! That’s when we suggest to look into Scotch R’Belle!

Scotch R'Belle another cool European Kids and tween Line


“From Amsterdam with love, Scotch & Soda is synonymous with relaxed style as only the Dutch can do. With a keen eye for detail, each season the designers strike sartorial gold with inspirations drawn from vintage fashion, music, travel and general adventure.” 




Here is what some customers say about the quality of Scotch and Soda:

“Picked up a discounted leather jacket from Scotch and Soda at a local department store and love it. I would definitely look into purchasing again from them, but first wanted to know how about any of your experiences. The jacket I got isn’t currently in stock, but it is a bomber style and love it. If anyone has specific recommendations or warning against their stuff, it would be great to know.”

Kaja: “Don’t know about their jackets, but I had a pair of jeans from scotch and soda which I loved. Here are some details on their clothing which I think is cool, like the buttons on my jeans had some etchings on them. Minor details, of course, but overall a great product.”

“My time to shine. I (almost) exclusively buy scotch and soda tops (of various varieties). I have a few sweaters, some Henley’s and some layered t-shirts. The quality is fantastic and if you just sign up for their newsletter, they have sales a surprising amount. Highly recommend Scotch and Soda.”