Blush into summer sale

We are inspired by this spring summer makeup trend to blush into summer 2017. The make-up style is minimal, effortless in peach pink tones. Everything just looks so much lighter and fresh as well as sweet and soft. Get away from the black and strong colors for a tiny bit. The no make-up style fits perfectly for tween girls to blush into summer in tops with peach pink color, bracelets from Pura Vida and even some dresses in blush pink. 

Being into this vibe of peach let us get some story told! What does Peach mean? Well, it certainly has to do with the flesh color of the fruit we all love, right? Yummy! Also, peach represent immortality in Chinese civilization. It comes from the mythology of the Thaoist religion and it reflects the life of the peach tree that grow in the mountains in west China. The trees are supposedly immortal and survive all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

By clicking on the photos or buttons below you will be directed to the web store or to a site we collaborate with. We earn a small commission for presenting our choice. We hope you like the selection. 

Don’t forget to chime in below in the comments to share your opinion and give us a hint of your preferences. Have fun!


Devoted sweet blush colored tank top

$12.50 right now $8.99


Beautees blush graphic t-shirt

$32 right now $14.99


Kidpik rhinstone t-shirt on sale

$12.50 right now $8.99


True Luv denim stripe shorts

$61.60 right now $19.99


Pura Vida beach life bracelet

$5 free shipping with orders $25+


$27 right now $16.99


Cara shine crystal peach pik headband

$12 free shipping


True Luv peach lace strim strap top

$40.70 right now $12.99


Cara bfs pink choker$16 free shipping 


Beauties strap over white tee blush pink top

$36 right now $14.99


Crazy & White crochet denim shorts

$19.88 right now $9.99 

Pura Vida beach life bracelet

$5 free shipping with orders $25+

Pura Vida rose gold butterfly bracelet

$10 free shipping with orders $25+

Pura Vida white braid bracelet

$15 free shipping with orders $25+


Pura Vida platinum salmon peach bracelet

$12 free shipping with orders $25+


Beautees off shoulder embroidered top

$36 right now $15.22


True Luv peach blush lace shorts

$40.70 right now $12.99


Richy House peach pink pleated sleeveless dress

$46 right now $19.99


Capelly Peach floral head band

$12 free shipping


Capelli New York peach red tassel scarf

$12 right now $7.20 

Peach Pink color palette


Such a tender, delicate palette. The pastel and soft shades of peach gives a light, fresh and inspiring summer vibe.
 Peach color matches well with neutral whites and beiges, monochromatic orange shades, earthy warm colors, and blue contrasting colors. If you want to create a more dramatic look, go for darker earthy, red and even dark brown.