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Tween Spring School Clothes

It is always so exciting to stumble upon new lines for Tween Girls. We found Treasure & Bond through NORDSTROM. The line seems just perfect for Tween spring school Clothes this year. It’s blue and white, its sunny denim and shiny white. Added some crochet and lace and it makes a fabulous sweet cool school mix. You cannot go wrong with this outfits.

And one more thing: Nordstrom donates 2.5% of sales from Treasure&Bond purchases to organizations that empower youth in need. Awesome, right?


First we start with some Inspirational Daydreaming!

Blue sea stars spring 2016

No! No daydreaming at school! Photo @bybaramsterdam

tween style 2016


Cropped girlfriend jeans Treasure&bond


Tween Spring School Clothes

These Happy Middle School Girls are imaged by @nordstrom




While we are giving you advice of what to dress for school we might as well give you some LIFE HACKS

to get you up every morning! This YouTube video is from a college girl, but I think it will work for tween girls as well!


Morning Life  Hacks

WAKE UP! It’s time to prepare for school! @HaleyWi11iams


When talking about Waking up for school. How many hours do you sleep? 

Did you know that 7-12 years old girls should sleep 10-11 hours each night? When you are 14-16 years old you might reduce it to 9 hours!

Read more here!

So, if you are just laying in bed and you don’t behave like a Tween in style, we would advice all parents and grand parents to read the following!

The tween years can be a tumultuous time. We’ll tackle the tough topics: puberty, self-esteem, bullying, and more.

Behavior & Discipline
Is My Child a Troublemaker?
Should You Invade Your Tween’s Privacy?

Girls, Sex, and Puberty: What Moms Should Know
What you should know before talking to your daughter about puberty and sex.

Nutrition and Exercise
8 Ways to Keep Your Tween at a Healthy Weight
Learning healthy habits for the whole family is the key to healthy weight and healthy kids.





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