Girls ankle Boots | trend lasting into fall winter 2017

Girls ankle Boots

Do you want a trick in building a perfect wardrobe for next fall winter already now? The trick is knowing the trends that will continue and to get good deals during winter spring sales. First of all, get your basics straight. Then, lift your legs and decide what girls ankle boots you should get on right now. Targeting your boot game from the existing season to next fall/winter should be high on the list! Here are five basics that you’ll return to over and over again from everyday school to movie nights and city strolling with your best friends. 

If you tend to reach for your skinny jeans every time you’re in the mood to wear ankle boots, it’s time to change things up. …
  1. Roll the cuff of your jeans just above your boots.
  2. Fold the hem of skinny jeans inward.
  3. Rip the hem.
  4. Color matching.
  5. Go for pants with a zipper cuff.



1. Roll the cuff of your jeans just above your boots

Roll up jeans with bootie If you tend to reach for your skinny jeans every time you’re in the mood to wear ankle boots, it’s time to change things up. Cuffing denim above the ankle (rather than trying to tuck jeans into your boots) allows you to wear straight leg or boyfriend jeans, too. Just think of all the possibilities! This pairing works best when you’re working with a pair of booties with some heals—added height make the tomboyish look of baggy cut jeans a little more girlish if you wish.

To cuff your jeans, simply fold the hem of your jeans about two-inches, and then fold a second time to get the desired length. A little tip: it’s often easier to cuff your jeans before putting them on, and then just adjust afterwards as needed.



2. Fold the hem of skinny jeans inward with girls ankle boots. 

Inward hemed to fit ankle boots

The lower the boot on the ankle, the more awkward it looks to tuck your jeans into them. Try to keep a space between the jean’s hem & top of the boot, like the images above.



3. Rip the hem of your too short ones, or find it second-hand or on sale.

Ripped hem with booties

Fresh up your old skinny jeans or take advantage of growing spurts! Or look here for jeans and pants always on sale.

Cut off on the edge first and see how it will work in length. Then rip off from the side seam. Be aware that this is not that easy if it’s white jeans as these most often are twill woven.

Another tips: In case you make distressed effects in your jeans this is also an important point. When woven in straight cross formed lines you can choose if you want to rip off the horizontal or the vertical thread.



4. Color match in a mono-chronic way, the secret hack!

Monochromic jeans and boots

Here is the secret bootie hack basic; If you want to look taller use booties in same color as your jeans or pants. Black jeans to black booties would definitely be the easiest. It’s said that black ankle boots are a must, no matter the season. The shoe option instantly elevates the most boring outfit and the black booties will never go out of style.



5. The newest of the basics is the zipper opened jeans or pants.

Zipped jeans and ankle boots

Zip it up and leave the hem open over some nice wedge booties instead of tucking them in. If you don’t have any zipper cuff jeans, take a visit to the second-hand store and get some help insert zippers to make the look! Help means Youtube! Not to miss: inside, not outside seem for the zipper!



Here are 5 ideas worth to take into consideration in planning for next season’s shopping for girls ankle boots.

Some of the images are from older teenagers, so let’s still keep the heals moderate for feet kindness! 


Sam Edelman Taupe ankle booties
Roll up your jeans with boots

Michael Kors charcoal grey wedge ankle boots

Suede wedge booties


Dr.Martnes girls white combat boots

White Dr.Martens boots outfit
Hunter original silver tall rainbows  
Hunter silver rain boots
Carvalin fringe soft leather ankle boots   
Black fringe booties


















































Here is our main picture: “think roughen up some sweet and cute outfit to not look too girly”.


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