Color Pop | Pantone color of the year 2016

Color Pop | Pantone color of the year 2016

Color Pop

The Color of the year 2016 is:

You have probably heard about the baby blue and soft pink color that represent the twin colors this year! The Pantone colors chosen this year are ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY. The pink rose quartz are kind of melted into the blue serenity like an aquarelle painting. You can also mix it with darker colors like grays and brighter colors like acid green. We look at this color choice as a color pop to mix into your outfits. It is a color palette that makes you unwind and disconnect from busy days with technology. It will take you to a calmer space where you can breathe freely and spend some more time day-dreaming. This colors kind of relaxes us and makes us calmer and kinder, don’t you think?


“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.”

Leatrice Eiseman (Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™)


Color of the year winter

Photo: @LeeClowerphotography





“Influenced by the world of art, new global doors opening and the desire to disconnect from technology and unwind, designers this season have gravitated toward a palette that is first and foremost calming. Paying homage to the beauty of natural resources, colors emerging in the Spring collections serve as vehicles that transport wearers to more tranquil, mindful environs which encourage relaxation first, followed by curiosity and exploration.

Designers were also inspired by the contrast of urban design and lush vegetation, leading to unexpected color combinations and collections reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia. ” from Pantone


We have chosen this combination palette for tween girls for Spring Summer 2016

Pantone color of the year

Photo from PANTONE



We have chosen this combination for tween girls for Spring Summer 2016.

Here are our three outfits combining these colors!
Color of the year

Stella McCartney tops



Rose quartz and serenity

Miss Me tops



Pink and blue

Wildfox tops


What about Your Converse and changing

your shoe laces to the Pantone palette:


Baby Blue shoe laces


Pink shoe laces

You can find these @shoelacestring 


You can think about the soft romantic color tones or you can mix it with more daring spring colors like in this Sephora make up video.


 Video by with TaraBabyZ



Pink lipstick

Color of the year eye shadow
SEPHORA Pantone eyeshadows and lipsticks lipgloss.
Tween Girls shopping habits
 Tween girls spend on average from $5 to $50 each month
on beauty products like make-up, hair care etc.
If you are curious about what is awaiting you as a Teenager,
here are some consumer spending statistics from 2014. 
  • 41 % of girls age 13-18  bought 10 or more items of clothing in the past six months
  •  81 % of girls say that friends/peers are the source they use when finding the latest trends

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