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Adidas Originals

Exclusive collection of sporty girly pieces to sum up the Adidas Originals lifestyle. A mix of tropical Brazilian inspired prints together with the Adidas three stripes and logo. The print is developed by The Farm Company. Altogether, the inspiration is Rio de Janeiro and indigenous flora and fauna alongside toucans and tropical flowers.

Adidas is back in the spotlight styling you into a fashionable, hip, trendy and sporty cool tween girl! They are emphasizing their distinctive history with all the memories, experiences, and signature processes. They are reconnecting with their past to design and shape the future! 

The founder Adi Dassler from Germany (almost 100 years ago) wanted real quality and took clever measures to ensure that their products fitted the athlete. They are now going back to this philosophy, reaching back to the lessons of the past and stretch forward to adapt to the changing needs of athletes and consumers.

We like what we see: The results speak for themselves: Adidas has transformed itself from a company with ordinary clothing and sports shoes alongside NIKE to clearly be IT for many young fashionistas. And guess what, this are quality clothes and shoes that last and can be shared for years. We have the feeling that Adidas originals are going to stay in trend for quite a time. We just love ADIDAS and their sporty inspirations colors and stripes 


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Adidas by @larsenthompson Photo: @johnhildebrandsicky


@adidasoriginals #Adidas #taylorhatala

Photo: @romyyoungphotography. Mode/dancer: @tayd_dance


Adidas running shoes

JR Olympic Track Athlete inspiration Lyla.  @lyla_runs_la

Adidas originals

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Adidas floral shirt

Rio de Janeiro inspired tropical flower and birds print! @adidas


Your way! Festive with a twist! Embrace your personality!

Adidas Superstar

Model: Instagram @mgerminder3  Photo: @blaneyphoto


We checked out some blog posts about the white sneaker trend. As a result we found; “Why the White Sneaker Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere in 2016” featured by Who What Wear. In other words, they write about the timeless look you achieve in your white sneakers. “In fact, over the past few seasons, this trend cropped up on everyone. From designers to It girls, thanks in part to the strategic relaunch of the Adidas Stan Smiths. Well, as some of our favorite celebs have shown us, it looks like the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Look at fashion A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. Even more celebs  stepped out in the sneakers earlier last year and have been recently spotted in them too.”


Model Jourdan Dunn

Model Jourdan Dunn in Superstar.

Adidas superstar

Say no more! We love these Superstars!





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